Mobile Phone – A Health Hazard

hpIn this modern world mobile phones have a major role to play in every body’s life. Mobile phones allow people to communicate from almost any where at their leisure. Today, young, old and also school children carry mobile phones with them. Students get attracted to mobile phones because of their fascinating facilities. Since it relaxes the mind and allows communicating even through text messages, student’s find difficulty to avoid them in their busy life. Though educational institutes ban its use, students are reluctant to avoid it.

Researchers says that headaches, memory loss, cancer, rashes in ears and fingers and even leukemia are likely to occur after a continuous use of phone over a period of 14 months. The radiations produced by the phones can affect the brain of children and it will give them the difficulty to cope up with their studies and soon memory loss arises.

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Essential Products from Kyani to Improve Health and Lifestyle

EssentialAs they say life is beautiful and is to be lived to the fullest, let us take an effort to make it easy and convenient for you. Kyani is the wide array of natural health products that offers you the opportunity to experience more health. A healthy body is the source of healthy mind and hence anything else.

With almost every one amongst us running for success and individual growths, many of us tend to forget to take care of our health. As a result of which, people suffer from many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Lack of nutrition and the lifestyle has given birth to the most wicked diseases in life.

Not only this, sleeplessness, high stress, pollution are some of the common factors that have contributed to the poor health conditions. Considerate of the facts, the doctors and the skilled persons at Kyani have developed several impactful and life changing products that are all offered under the name Kyani.

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How can a healthy food platter help you to improve your life?

piringHuman ancestors are claimed to be more fit and good looking than the modern times. This is because they had a habit of consuming healthy eatables in their diet. But today with the increasing amount of junk eatables items and busy scheduled life, not only people are consuming lesser healthy food but also are not maintaining a good food habit. This is no doubt affecting them in many ways.

There are now a number of options opening up in different parts of the world that can help people in gaining fitness again such as health and healthy food Edinburgh center. These centers in Edinburgh educated people in knowing about how good food can help them in many ways. They also tell all the benefits of each eatables items and also the possible side effect based on each individual’s health parameters.

Fighting against diseases

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8 Most Important Reasons Beer is Good for Your Health

women-drinking-teaBeer is a healthy drink, but if you consume it with responsibility. Too much of anything can be bad. Having in moderation is always the key method to derive the benefits. So is the case with beer. Red wine has always been cited as a good drink due its heart healthy benefits. But little has been said about beer. Few people know about beer benefits probably because of those who overdo the drink. We have heard about beer bellies because people who consume beer in excess develop a pot belly. Too much of beer also means too much of sugar and empty calories. So what is the ideal amount of beer to be consumed? Women should restrict to one drink a day and men should not have more than two drinks. The key to getting the health benefits of beer is to exercise portion control. And what are these benefits? Given here are some of the most important ones.

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Boosting Brain Health

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